Managing Committee

Election of next Managing Committee is in progress


21-05-2020 Letter from RO to Society requiring documents to conduct election 21-05-2020 from RO to Society

19-05-2020 Nomination Form (Form ‘B’) to be filed by candidates 19-05-20 FORM ‘B’ AFNO

XX-XX-XXXX Agenda Notice calling Special General Meeting for conduct of Elections is ready and it will be sent to all the members as well as displayed on Main Notice Board of the Society as soon as documents are received by Returning Officer.

18-05-2020 Letter from Returning Officer to Society to start process of election 18.05-2020 from RO to Society

10-05-2020 Letter dated 30-04-2020 from Society to Returning officer 10.5.20 AFNO letter received by RO



28 JANUARY 2020

SL NO. NAME Designation Mobile no.
1. Air Vice Marshal (Retd) SK Sharma President 8826208809
2. Wing Commander (Retd) OP Govil Vice President 9810358262
3. Wing Commander (Retd) Balraj Pahuja Treasurer 9810100092
4. Wing Commander (Retd) M.S Chadha Member Environment 9818287766
5. Mrs. Poonam Commar Lady Member 9999358903
6. Wing Commander (Retd) KGR Menon Secretary 9810206017