Managing Committee

Note: Process of election has started in the society by Mr. Raminder Singh Sahota, Consultant cum Returning Officer – (see web site The present Managing Committee is authorized to continue with full responsibility and with all the powers till next election is conducted by the Returning Officer. 

18-08-2020 Letter from Society issued to Returning Officer regarding election & appointment of Returning Officer

18.8.20 from afno to returning officer
18.8.20 from afno to returning officer

09.08-2020 Reminder of letter dated 21.05.2020 to Society 09-08-2020 Reminder of RO letter 21.5.20 to Society reg submission of documents to RO (Returning Officer)

09-08-2020 Reminder of letter dated 18.05.20 to Society 09-08-2020 Reminder of letter dated 18.5.20 from Returning Officer to Society

25/06/2020 RCS Orders on conduct of election by CGHS extended to be completed on or before 15-10-2020 RCS Order on MC Election of CGHS dated 26-06-2020

10/06/2020 Receipt of minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 22/10/2017 along with Audit Report and Audited Accounts till 31/03/2017 AFNO MINUTES OF AGM DATED 22 OCT 2017

09/06/2020 Letter from RO to RCS + afno – regarding approval of delay till 28/05/2020 09-06-2020 from RO to RCS & AFNO in .pdf format and in msword format 09-06-2020 from RO to RCS & afno

09/06/2020 E-mail from RO to Society regarding writing to RCS regarding delay in election 09-06-2020 E-Mail from RO to AFNO

21/05/2020 Letter from Returning Officer to Society on receipt of documents 21-05-2020 from RO to Society

18/05/2020 Nomination Form B for would be candidates uploaded on web-site Form B AFNO CGHS Ltd

18/05/2020 Letter dated 18/05/2020 from Mr. Raminder Singh Sahota, Returning Officer requesting hard copy and soft copy of documents from the Society 18.05-2020 from RO to Society

10/05/2020 Status of present Managing Committee letter given by Society

10/05/2020 Election result letter dated 30/05/2017 of Mr. KK Satija, Returning Officer to Society

10/05/2020 Letter of Society dated on 10.5.20 letter dt 28-4-20 of AFNO letter received

30/04/2020 – Letter of Society appointing Mr. Raminder Singh Sahota as Returning Officer MINUTES-OF-MC-MEETING-HELD-ON-30-APRIL-2020


Managing Committee elected on 28/05/2017 for 3 years i.e. up to 27/05/2020 by Returning Officer Mr. KK Satija

Membership No. Post Name Flat No.
528 President AVM (Retd) Surender Kumar Sharma 671 AFNO
525 Vice President Wg Cdr (Retd) OP Govil 232 AFNO
437 Member Lt Col (Retd) KGR Menon 385 AFNO
522 Member Wg Cdr (Retd) MS Chadha 142 AFNO
338 Member Wg Cdr (Retd) Balraj Pahuja 626 AFNO
007 Member Veena Khurana
520 Member Chanchal Sachdeva